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Natural Childbirth Preparation taught by Kindra Kennedy CPM, LDM, IBCLC

NEXT CLASS STARTS October 17th, 6-8PM

Not your typical class, our series focuses on the emotional and psychological preparation for childbirth for mothers and their partners. Couples planning birth in any setting are welcome to attend. Techniques include strategies from Bradley, Birthing From Within, DONA, Ina May Gaskin and more.

1st Class : Our first class dives into cultural experience surrounding birth, physical preparation and textbook stages of labor.

2nd Class: This class is a hands-on session for couples to explore various coping methods used during early and active labor.

3rd class: This class is a hands-on session for couples to explore various coping methods and techniques used during active labor, transition, and pushing stages.

4th Class: This class will take an in-depth look at fear, complications, and interventions using education as well as spiritual practice.

5th Class: This class covers the basics of postpartum recovery and newborn care with an emphasis on compassionate parenting of newborns.

Series cost is $225 per couple and includes the Breastfeeding Class

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Breastfeeding Basics – taught by Kindra Kennedy CPM, LDM, IBCLC

Next class being offered November 21st

In this two-hour class parents will learn the basics of learning to breastfeed, establishing and maintaining an adequate milk supply, troubleshooting common problems and how to support each other through this special relationship. Partners are welcome and encouraged to participate. This class is often taught the week after the 5-week Natural Childbirth Preparation series ends.

Class is $35 per couple

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